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NagiosXI - HPE OneView Integration

Synergy hardware monitoring solution through OneView and Nagios. This is solution to monitor enclosure status, interconnects status, ports status, power consumption and ports statistics and utilization data. This gap was delaying their ability to resolve the outages and infrastructure failures.

To address their needs, we Utilized HPE OneView SDK for Python and developed a plugin, which collects health status and utilization statistics for physical infrastructure including servers and shared resources like enclosures and virtual connects. Plugin does necessary processing of collected data before posting to Nagios over NRDP for possive monitoring. For utilization statistics, plugins does polling of OneView using REST API because OneView metrics API ( MSMB ) is not providing the utilization for ports level. The plugin has intelligence to determine whether to create new entry or update an existing entry in Nagios. Plugin is designed to handle processing of alerts data in parallel by running concurrent threads. There will be one plugin instance required for each OneView appliance.

This solution can be seamlessly extended to monitor all infrastructure supported by HPE OneView.

Once the data is posted to Nagios, user can view health status and utilization data in Nagios UI. If there are more than one OneView posting data to Nagios, data is grouped under respective OneView group within Nagios.


If you would like our Team to help you implement this plugin in your environment. Email us at and one of engineer will respond you within 24hrs.

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