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Monitoring Automation

What Makes Tuwa Specialize in Monitoring:

We often I’ve run into systems, where monitoring is an afterthought. At best, monitoring is bolted on after the system has been released to the consumer. Indeed, the focus of monitor should begin much sooner in the development cycle, providing insights and integration during the software engineering efforts.

One Imagines that they have created worlds best software and have tested using various tools, load runs and different scenarios. Once they deploy the software, how would they actually know if this software will perform as good as in a real world scenarios. Software could either succeed or could burn in flames.

 Most expensive part of any latest technology is its Engineering, so one must ensure that it pays off and Monitoring secures your investment.

Tuwa Solutions team Specializes in creating custom monitors utilizing APIs and other protocols. We take great pride being able to develop monitoring solutions for various Industry leading software, Hardware components and much more. 

Our Various Integrations include automation of monitoring tools deployment using various CI/CD tools i.e. puppet, Jenkins and more. We have created solutions for our various partners have developed case studies.

Some of examples are as below.

company website.JPG


HPE OneView is integrated with NagiosXI using Rest API to SCMB 

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