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Job Type

12 Months contract

About the Role

- Project / Release management (CD/CI pipelines)
- Database / Data Warehouse management
- Progress monitoring and measurement
- Scripts writing and execution / Automatization
- Testing processes / Configuration management
- Communication skills / Organizational skills / Teams coordination
- Autonomy / Proactive attitude / Problem solving / Leadership

- Snowflake
- Informatica MDM
- DevOps / Azure Devops
- Qlik Replicate

- English: fluent (reading, writing and speaking)

- Bachelor degree in computer science (or equivalent)
- At least 5 years of technical experience in IT engineering or database management
- At least 4 years of experience in release management
- At least 3 years of experience in project or team management
- Strong written and verbal communication skills


Release Manager. Someone with a background in data warehouse / data vault / data science, who can help establish an internal Release Process and put in place the right controls and governance they will need as they build out their own internal BI and Data Science mechanisms. They are utilizing Snowflake as well as Azure, so knowledge in these two areas would be important to consider.

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