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It is very important for an organization in today's world to have insights of markets, customers and their own internal processes so that they can stay ahead of competition and have high output business. For better and fast decisions, companies should be able to cope with high volume of data in real time structured and unstructured. Lead industry analysts suggest that those who do this will be 20% ahead of their competition financially.


TUWA's Analytics Services help organizations effectively combine deep industry knowledge, cutting edge mathematical and statistical methods, technology tools like SAS, SPSS and software environments.

With proven delivery methodologies, we help you:

  • Drive growth through

Deeper customer insights
Product/service innovation

  • Enhance cost management through

Optimized operations
Better financial performance analysis

  • Improve risk management through

Enhanced regulatory compliance
Internal risk and control

We understand that information, insights and foresights impact every aspect of business. Analytics can help you predict customer behavior, meet their needs and cement long-term customer relationships.
Our approach to Business Analytics is three-pronged. We help you:

  • Draw insights from past data.

  • Respond in real time to current business needs.

  • Use predictive analytics to stay ahead of the curve.


Our Team is experienced, talented, technologist with a passion for helping customer's meet their needs, wants, and goals. We can tackle new challenges, problem solve, and learn new technologies all the while balancing multiple unique client initiatives. We can also work as an individual and come together as a team. We possess the ability to balance priorities, change directions at a moment’s notice, and is something you are comfortable with. You also possess the ability to look deep into a new challenge, problem solve, provide a complete solution.

We provide monitoring solutions to our clients. This includes managing the monitoring platform, providing custom monitoring solutions for client's unique technologies, managing client device inventory, and service checks. This includes monitoring any and all devices in a given client environment ranging from network devices via SNMP, to custom applications with a REST API, or thinking of out of the box monitoring solutions for other custom client devices. A significant part of this role will be writing new custom monitoring plugins in python.
Monitoring automation includes services in Nagios, Opsview, Zabbix, Icinga or similar monitoring platforms.
Create custom REST APIs and utilize them in various integrations with various CI/CD pipeline deployments
We cover wide Range of monitoring from IT infrastructure to Applications.

Tuwa helps today’s enterprises and rapidly growing businesses harness the power of the cloud and DevOps with digital transformation and optimization solutions. From Executive Leadership to our delivery teams, Tuwa listens, understands, and delivers best-in-class work. Our deep technical expertise and solutions-driven approach help address our client’s biggest business challenges and opportunities. As a Global Leader of Cloud and DevOps, Tuwa continues to solve What’s Next.

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